Saturday, December 24, 2011


Gonna be hiatus
Will be back some day :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Ever First Video for Him :D

Hi, I know it's not a right time to blog at this hour
But I can't hide my excitement for the little achievement I've made tonight
Sang a small part of 'You and Me' for him as 38th month gift
Hehe as a return gift that he gave me 2 months ago :)
Alright, bunk time ! :D
Will be photo-bombarding post coming up next !

My voice

Original song :D

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Random Emoness Acting

Bangsang ! 
How's everyone recently?
It's Happy Merdeka today so I am now at home !
It's really sweet to be back home, after quite some time staying at Sunway since my class has started
But this sem is the ever slackiest sem I had so far
Taking 3 units this sem and much lighter work load as compared to previous sem
Got quite worry whether did I forget any work left undone recently 
But nah, just thinking too much

An idol of mine is going for enlistment tomorrow
For 2 years
His enlistment makes me think pretty much about my future
As in what will I be within this 2 years?
I will enter a brand new stage of life after graduating
No more student life
It's the time to strive and to face the reality
To earn for living and to repay what has my parents contributed to me
But I admit that I am a timid person
I am afraid of facing the reality
The cruel world that no one will treat me sincerely unless with an interior motive?
Gah thinking too much again.

Till then !

Monday, August 1, 2011

Something That Has Touched My Heart

I got so touched with these 2 videos recently

He made this video as our 3rd year anniversary present
Really got so surprised and touched to hear that
Very happy to receive it
You know, it's my song :D
No material stuff can beat handmade present
Especially when receiver gets to feel your sincerity and hardship to make the present
 I can feel it, really :')

The first contestant in the video, 劉懿娴
She's my secondary school Music Club senior, as well as my friend
She's so talented since that time, with good voice and love to perform
She did formed her band when she's in UTAR and she's now continuing her studies in Taiwan
I really admire with her courage and persistent of pursuing her dream 
Very touched to see her entering such a big-scale competition in Taiwan
This reminds me of how the few of us worked so hard together for the chance to perform
Practicing non-stop, thinking of ways to improve ourselves and the time we get together 

This makes me feel inferior as well
I've neglected about the dream that we used to promised to few years back
I've forgotten about the excitement and achievement of performing on stage
I've got beaten down by reality

Anyway, good luck Yixian !
Will support you mentally so buck and have confident in yourself !
Really proud of you !

Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm back in Sunway !

Hey folks! 
It's been awhile since the last post
Gonna write a quick update since going to sleep soon
As per post title, I'm now in Sunway and my class has started
It's my final semester, excluding the next sem of free electives
And week 1 is about to over
But I took my time to slack so much ! 

Met up with Hui, Mimi and Ah Tat in jb few days before leaving

Clefies were in Sunway on last Saturday to Monday
Had lots of fun with them around !
Endless chatters and laughter again as long as girls are around !
Makes me feel less emo in Sunway 
Curi-ed photos from facebook :D

Many friends went to travel during the last sem break
Got souvenirs from them !
Pouch and cream from Aus, yummy dodol from Hatyai and eye masks from Korea !

Oh yeah
I've dyed my hair !
And trimmed my fringe
Some friends commented that I look younger in short fringe
Does that indicate that I used to look old? :(
But somehow the color is not so obvious?
Dum di dum I like it still ! 
Under normal light
Self assumption of hair color under the sun !

And shifted to his room this sem !
Kind of messy as stuffs are to be arranged in different types of shelves compared to my own room :(

Toodles ! :D